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Lisa and Dan are married and head over heels in love with each other, their children, dogs and lizards.

Wayne is the brains behind the combined creative force.


We wanted to do something a little bit different in modern Dental education. We decided to break up longer education into small bite sized chunks that would be easier to digest. Dental snippets was born 


Video creators are everywhere nowadays and looking for platforms to showcase their incredible creations. We will provide a suitable platform without bias and provide well moderated infotainment integrity.

We're a collective of experienced professionals across the dental industry who want to share knowledge with their peers. We also want to harness the knowledge of other professionals and help them amplify their message.

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Dan Shaffer

Dan is an experienced dentist who has a passion and flair for all things digital. His dental practice, a private digital restorative practice in Hertfordshire, is well respected in the area by patients and dental professionals alike.

Lisa Shaffer

Lisa is a newly qualified dental technician who applies her artistic compositional skills to technically demanding tasks with flair and ease. She has a passion for  Montessori education and the natural world. 

Wayne Hirschowitz

Wayne is an experienced dentist who  has an interest in surgical dentistry, forensic odontology and providing advice, guidance and mentoring services for prospective dental and medical students.



We're always looking for other bright minds in the dental industry to share their knowledge.

If you have some advice you'd like to tell the industry about, record a video of yourself and submit it using the form.

It should last for 60 seconds and clearly answer a question about a dental related subject.

In return for your submission, we have a bunch of merchandise to give you.


We're also looking to develop the best talent into content creators on our site by giving you equipment and resource to create.