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Lisa Shaffer.

Technical Director

Dr Dan Shaffer.
Dr Wayne Hirschowitz.

Clinical Director


Dr Dan Shaffer.

BDS RDT PGCertDentLaw 

Assistant Dean City of London Dental school


Dan is an experienced dentist who has a passion and flair for all things digital. His dental practice, a private digital restorative practice in Hertfordshire, is well respected in the area by patients and dental professionals alike.


He utilises digital technology to enable high quality, efficient restorative techniques to take place in a workflow that makes practical sense. He manufactures the vast majority of dental restorations in-house and also runs a full service dental laboratory


Being a registered dental technician as well as a practising dentist gives Dan a unique insight into technically demanding cases both from the laboratory and clinical points of view.


Over the past decade he has been training dentists and other professionals on behalf of Dental Protection Ltd, delivering countless workshops and in-house training programmes in the UK and abroad. Subjects include Medicolegal risk, Management of adverse outcomes, Difficult interactions in dental practice, Consent/ Shared decision making and Clinical record keeping. He is passionate about encouraging the safer practise of dentistry in the UK.


Dan is also a  trainer  for hospital teams and health care professionals within hospital environments. He lectures and trains on behalf of the charity SANDS on subjects including Improving bereavement care, Informed consent, Healthcare choices, Adverse outcomes and Fatal management. He is also involved with maintaining support groups for bereaved parents.


He has a wealth of experience in NHS, private and community based dentistry. He taught as a clinical teacher at Guy’s hospital, London in the Prosthodontics department for six years. He is also a keen advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation in medical fields.


Dan believes that dental care in its modern form is most certainly team care. He encourages all members of the team to gain valuable skills within their scope of practice to enable them to reach their full professional potentials.

Dr Wayne Hirschowitz.

Dr Wayne Hirschowitz.

Dr Wayne Hirschowitz qualified from the Prestigious University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Wayne went on and achieved a Post Graduate Qualification from the University Of Stellenbosch in 1998. Wayne is an experienced dentist with an interest in surgical dentistry, forensic odontology and providing advice, guidance and mentoring services for prospective dental and medical students.


Lisa Shaffer.